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My first steps into Holistic Treatments started many years ago by being inquisitive and asking the "other questions".  Learning about Aromatherapy & Herbal Solutions at the time, opened a whole new world of healing as a bigger picture and not just treating the symptoms.

My passion for Natural Healing has grown into a business that cares about the customer and their needs, teaching and practicing alternative and natural healing methods.  We do not disregard modern medicine and recognise that with understanding, natural remedies can be used to sustain a healthy modern lifestyle, supported with Modern Medicine, thereby enjoying the best of both worlds!


We specialize in supplying locally manufactured essential oils, aromatherapy oils and aether products.  Supporting products & services include bath bombs, incense, candles and holistic treatments.

What is an Essential Oil?

An essential oil is a natural plant essence. Essential oils are extracted from a plant source with no addition of synthetic compounds. Essentially, plant to bottle, in almost all cases, unless industry standards dictate otherwise.

What is an Aromatherapy oil?

This term has been misconstrued and misused in many ways in the market. Our understanding of an "Aromatherapy oil", is that it is actually a blend of essential oils in a “carrier" base, as a ready-to-use product for massage or as an emollient.

What is Aether Products?

Our Aether range offers exceptional quality cultivated and wild harvested herbs, as well as mushrooms, for those who desire to improve their health and wellbeing.  By providing a full range of herbal formulations made from some of the best natural medicines in the world, we believe that our herbals can contribute in a profound and substantial way to the health of all those who seek a holistically improved level of wellbeing.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that promotes the body's relaxation  response & natural healing ability.  Reiki dissolves the illusions of fear and empowers your soul to reveal your loving and authentic truth, filling your entire being with love and peace so that you may overcome all obstacles.

No medicinal or therapeutic claims are being made or meant to be implied our page.  The information supplied is for general knowledge and to provide insight.

Very Important – Kindly inform us of any medical chronic conditions, pregnancy or breastfeeding!

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